EPA Seeking Feedback on LRRP Costs

February 1, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency has published an information collection request for the costs and burdens to firms engaged in activities affected by the agency's Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting regulations, reports the Window & Door Dealers Alliance.  Comments must be received on or before March 28, 2011, and can be made electronically through www.regulations.gov

"This is an opportunity for WDDA members and the rest of the dealer community to comment on the EPA’s estimates for certification and record keeping," notes Philip James, WDDA president. 

Now that the window and door industry has worked to comply with the rule, comments from the companies stating the costs and burdens associated with the rule could have an impact, James continues.  President Obama, he points out, recently issued an executive order affirming the importance of cost/benefit analysis in developing government regulations and establishing requirements for government agencies to choose the least burdensome options.

“If there ever is testament to the notion that industry can be effective by remaining vigilant on issues like LRRP, this is it," states David Walker, WDDA VP. "Policymakers are waking up to the adverse impact certain rulemaking has had on our industry over the past few years. Now more than ever we need to be steadfast, and united, in our communications.”

WDDA is asking that dealers and others share their comments and cost examples with the organization.  Those with questions or comments can contact Walker at dwalker@wddalliance.org or 703/442-4890 ext 153.