Fenestration Canada Takes on Special Project

October 1, 2012

In conjunction with its Window and Balcony Safety Program, Fenestration Canada is taking on a special project.  It is planning to contribute to the purchase of an electronic stimulation machine designed to help kids that have suffered spinal injuries due to falls, reports Jim Parker, a window and door industry consultant who chairs the safety committee.  

The gift stems from an injury to Kevin Mills, a former Toronto EMS paramedic, who had a serious spinal cord injury while on vacation several years ago. He has been unable to work and his wife Heather also had to quit her job as a EMS paramedic to look after him.  Heather had been very active in getting the window and balcony safety program going, Parker notes. She participated in fundraising events at the Win-Door Show for several years and did much of the design work on the program's website.

Recently, Heather Cairns-Mills started to work with the Wellness Centre for Spinal Cord Recovery.  Her organization is purchasing the electrical stimulation machine with the help of a $5,000 gift from Fenestration Canada that will be presented at this year's Win-Door Show.  

Parker notes that Fenestration Canada's Window and Balcony Saftey Program continues to enjoy support from the industry, with new efforts beginning to target perspective sponsors in other industries, such as insurance, deck railing suppliers and EMS product suppliers.  A French language version of the program website, which receves more than 2,000 hits a week, is expected to be completed soon, he also notes.