ICC Approves ANSI/AMD 100 for 2015 Edition

May 2, 2013

The Association of Millwork Distributors reports that the International Residential Code committee voted unanimously to approve the usage of  ANSI/AMD 100, Structural Performance Ratings of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems and Procedures for Component Substitution at the International Code Council code development hearings in Dallas.

AMD 100, a new structural performance standard for side-hinged exterior doors (SHEDs) was approved as a code-change proposal for the 2015 IRC, according to Jessica Ferris, AMD’s director of codes and standards, who spoke in support of the proposal in Dallas. "The AMD 100 was developed by consensus as required by the ICC and is ANSI-approved," she explains. "It was developed by AMD door pre-hanger and manufacturer members in tune with the needs of the building industry and code environment.”

“Today, we have reached a milestone," adds Rosalie Leone, AMD CEO. "Our mission behind developing the AMD 100 was to allow for the interchange, or substitution of components, while maintaining a structurally rated system. AMD 100 eases the hardship for the millwork pre-hangers and component manufacturers of having to test each door configuration assembled. It is rewarding to see our efforts will make a positive difference in the millwork industry.”