IGMA Partners with RPM Consulting to Improve IG Quality

Glass Magazine
July 19, 2016

Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance partnered with RPM Consulting Inc., a Quality Management System training and consulting organization that provides specialized consulting in ISO9001:2015, TS16949:2009 and ISO13485, and other certifications, to improve insulating glass quality. IGMA partnered with RPM Consulting to provide services to the specialized fenestration industry. 

RPM Consulting is ready to provide the following support to our member companies:

  • Develop customized QMS Tier documents around IGMA TM-4010 ISO9001:2008 or :2015 platform that can be applied by IGMA suppliers.
  • Mentor and coach IGMA suppliers and leadership group around the ISO9001:2008 / :2015 requirements.
  • Design, develop and deliver training programs integrating quality requirements and specific documentation with comprehensive training packages specific to companies' needs.
  • Develop and support highly effective internal audit strategies that will yield the QMS results that benefit the bottom line.
  • Support IGMA suppliers in developing and implementing a comprehensive QMS to meet the ISO9001:2008 requirements.