International Codes Now Offered as eBooks

May 21, 2012

The International Code Council is now offering iPad and iPhone users access to codes, commentaries, standards and handbooks as eBooks available through Apple's iTunes Store. Titles available include the International Codes, among them the debut of the 2012 International Green Construction Code.

“Mobile and digital access is a must today," says Mark A. Johnson, ICC executive vice president and director of business development. "Whether you are a building official, inspector, architect, engineer, designer or other construction industry professional, when you need information, you need it now, especially codes and key references.”

Materials now available at the iTunes Store include:

  • 2012 International Codes and commentaries
  • 2009 International Codes, Q&A’s, and IBC Handbooks
  • ICC Referenced Standards
  • 2011 Ohio Codes
  • 2010 Florida Building Codes
  • 2009 Michigan Codes
  • 2009 Virginia Codes
  • 2009 New Jersey Codes