NARI Adds Certification Program for Project Managers

August 12, 2011

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is adding in September the Certified Remodeler Project Manager (CRPM) education and certification program to its member services. The program was developed by a working group of members with direct experience in project management with the goal of professionalizing the project manager role in the residential remodeling industry, the organization reports.

"It's becoming more common for remodeling companies to use project managers to supervise projects, rather than lead carpenters or the general contractor," says David Walker of Double Check Builders, Inc., based in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., and member of the CRPM committee and the first program facilitator.

The committee created a set of knowledge domains and sub-domains that include project cost management, communication, project planning, quality assurance, recordkeeping and risk management. "To create the domains, we drew upon our own experiences in project management to identify the most important areas of study," Walker says. "We also placed higher concentration on domains that are most responsible for project success, with emphasis on those areas in the prep course study and test."

The NARI certification is meant to establish a body of knowledge for project managers that will increase the level of professionalism in how remodeling projects are managed to drive customer satisfaction and profitability for remodeling companies.

"We are confident that those who participate in the CRPM will walk away with a strong foundation for building a successful process to handle all types of projects from beginning to end," Walker says. "The domains from the program hit on all aspects of what a project manager will experience in their roles-everything from triumphs to challenges."

The NARI member price for the CRPM online prep course and the certification exam is $820, and the non-member price for the CRPM online prep course and certification exam is $1,120. More information is available on the NARI website.