New Door Installation Standard Published

July 25, 2012

The Fenestration Manufacturers Association, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the WIndow & Door Manufacturers Association have issued FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12, "Standard Practice for the Installation of Exterior Doors in Wood Frame Construction for Extreme Wind/Water Exposure." The document covers applications in residential and light commercial buildings, with an emphasis on products to be used in extreme wind/water conditions.

"This standard is an important addition to the lineup of installation practices developed by the industry to provide guidance to door installers in the extreme conditions frequently seen in coastal conditions such as in Florida," says Steve Strawn of Jeld-Wen Inc., a member of the AAMA/FMA/WDMA Installation Method Coordination Committee. "Many code officials have recognized the value of the existing standard practices, and we expect adoption of the 300-12 into the next code editions."

Specifically, FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12 addresses three scenarios for integrating side-hinged or sliding doors with a membrane drainage plane: doors with mounting flanges, doors with exterior casing/brick molding and non-flanged box frame units.

Copies of the new standard can be ordered from AAMA or WDMA. FMA members can also access the documents on that organization's website.