NFRC Offers Fact Sheets for Retailers

January 30, 2012

The National Fenestration Rating Council has developed a program designed to help window and door retailers educate consumers, and is now offering free fact sheets that can be used to explain energy efficiency performance numbers. 

“NFRC was inspired to start the retailer program when the organization began noticing an increase in the number of calls from consumers inquiring about how to make the best decision when it came to purchasing windows for themselves," says Tom Herron, NFRC senior communications and marketing manager. "Creating the retailer program enabled NFRC to provide this vital information to consumers at the point-of-purchase–to put it in their hands when and where they needed it most. The feedback we’ve received from our more than two dozen participating retailer chains indicates consumers find this approach valuable because they have everything they need to make a purchasing decision while they’re looking over the products."

Participation in the retail program is simple, officials note.  NFRC ships retailers co-branded tear sheets–at no cost to the retailers–and re-stock supples as needed. "Everybody wins," Herron states.  "Consumers get the information they need at the point-of-purchase, retailers improve the likelihood of making sales rather than having their customers go home to think about it, and NFRC gets some recognition.”

The program has been available for about two years, with NFRC acquiring an average of one new customer every month, Herron states. An information sheet for retailers offers more information on the program, and retailers interested in participating can also contact Herron at

"By providing fact sheets that clearly explain what makes one window more energy efficient than another, NFRC empowers consumers. Furthermore, providing these fact sheets also empowers retailers," Herron states. "It gives them all the information they need to answer their customers’ questions, which helps facilitate sales."