NFRC Offers Information on Commercial Rating System

July 17, 2009

The National Fenestration Rating Council recently hosted a July 15 webinar to roll out the Component Modeling Approach Pilot Project, its new system for rating commercial fenestraton systems.  As part of the program launch, the organization has also posted the presentation materials, as well as a recording of the webinar on its Web site.

The NFRC CMA Web page includes the following:

  • A PowerPoint presentation with the webinar slides
  • A PowerPoint presentation on the CMA Software Tool (CMAST)
  • A recording of webinar (a large .wma file which begins to play when the link is clicked)
  • A link to download the CMAST Window and Frame software too.

"We plan on hosting additional webinars in the near future and throughout the pilot/demonstration program," notes John Lewis, NFRC's manager of business development & outreach. He also encourages industry professionals to contact NFRC if they have specific questions about the CMA program or the software.