NFRC Prepares for Virtual Meeting

June 17, 2010

The National Fenestration Rating Council is planning to host its first Virtual Committee Week meeting July 19-21. The meeting takes the place of NFRC’s usual in-person summer membership meeting.

“We are excited to host our first online conference this summer,” says Jim Benney, NFRC CEO. “Virtual Committee Week eliminates costs associated with travel and will provide an opportunity for more stakeholders to participate in the NFRC decision-making process.”

NFRC committees and subcommittees will conduct their normal activities during the virtual meeting, but task groups will not be meeting, the organization notes. Comments on 11 ballots will be reviewed and discussed.

The meeting will be hosted virtually through the Web software tool GoToWebinar by Citrix. “All you need to participate is access to a computer, and a telephone or voice-over-Internet protocol,” says Cheryl Gendron, NFRC’s manager, meetings. “This service offers secure access and technical support.”

All callers will be muted during the meeting. Attendees who want to speak will virtually “raise their hands” to enter a queue. They may speak after the committee or subcommittee chairperson recognizes them. Voting will also take place using the raise-your-hand feature, she explains.

NFRC is conducting two live rehearsals before the meeting to verify that the equipment and software is working properly. Registrants are encouraged to participate in at least one of the rehearsals, scheduled for July 8 and July 13.  

The registration deadline for the meeting is July 9. More information is available at the NFRC Web site.