NFRC Seeks Input on Verification Program

March 9, 2012

The National Fenestration Rating Council is seeking input for its Independent Verification Program, which has been under development for nearly two years in order to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements as a certification body for the Energy Star program.  The program is scheduled to go in effect in January 2013.

Under the program, NFRC-rated and Energy Star-qualified fenestration products sold in the market will be tested to verify that they are consistent with the products listed in the NFRC certified products directory.  All NFRC participants are required to participate in the verification program, whether or not the company is an Energy Star partner.  

NFRC launched a pilot verification program in late 2011 to evaluate the testing processes. In order to provide the funding for the new program, the NFRC board of directors also approved major changes to NFRC program fees and membership dues schedule. The 2012 fee schedule uses a flat dues structure for membership and a sliding scale for program participation fees, creating a more fair and equitable system for NFRC participants, according to organization officials.

NFRC anticipates that the addition of the new program will allow it to remove the requirement to validate products lines when recertified. This will decrease costs for program participants by reducing recertification expenses, it is noted.

NFRC is encouraging participants in its programs to download IVP Program Document NFRC 713 (Draft), IVP Compliance Flowchart and IVP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from its verification program web page.  Feedback and comments on the program documents can be sent to NFRC staff at

A summary of the comments and a question-and-answer session about the new program will be part of an open forum during NFRC's upcoming spring committee week meeting, scheduled for March 26 to 28 in Austin, Texas.