NFRC Updates Free Fact Sheets

May 9, 2013

The National Fenestration Rating Council is expanding its Retailer Assistance Program, offering new window and door fact sheets that dealers can use to educate their customers at the point of purchase. Each of the free fact sheets includes information on the NFRC label ratings, as well as new photos and the NFRC label infographic. Also now available is a smaller, postcard-sized handout with the NFRC label infographic on one side and a sample NFRC Label on the other.

“NFRC started the Retailer Assistance Program because of the number of calls received from consumers simply asking for guidance on how to make the best decisions when it comes to purchasing windows,” says Tom Herron, NFRC senior communications and marketing manager. “The feedback we’ve received from our participating retailer chains indicates that consumers find this approach valuable because they have everything they need to make a purchasing decision while they’re looking over the products.”

For retailers, getting these fact sheets is simple and free of charge. Samples of the fact sheets can be viewed online and ordered directly from the NFRC website. Some of the fact sheets are designed to allow retailers to add their own logos and store information for co-branding. Once a request is made, NFRC will print and ship them, and restock supplies as needed, it states.