Window & Door
July 19, 2016

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association announced that UL LLC is the newest member of the association.

UL's new 64,000 square foot Building Envelope Performance Test lab offers a full portfolio of testing services in Northbrook, Illinois. With state-of-the-art test equipment and 30 years of testing expertise, UL says it can now offer performance testing of windows, doors, curtain walls and exterior wall systems for air infiltration, water leakage, structural performance, impact and cyclic testing in the lab, on curtain wall mock-ups and in the field to evaluate installed products.

"UL is honored to become a member of WDMA. We are excited to serve the testing needs of the window and door industry with our new test facility," says Wayne Breighner, engineering manager, UL building envelope performance testing services.  "Now, as a WDMA member, we are in a position to further serve the industries technical and educational needs."