WDMA Extending the Terms for Hallmark Certification

May 16, 2013

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association has approved procedures for extending the term of its Hallmark certification from four years to a total of eight years. The new procedure is available to WDMA Hallmark licensees for actively certified products that have not changed during their initial four-year certification term and where the licensee follows the product renewal protocol, officials explain.

The renewal protocol includes requirements that the licensee must demonstrate substantiation for the continuation of the rating. The rating substantiation will include the testing frequency, auditing frequency and the performance attributes affected, and must be described in the renewal protocol within the licensee's quality assurance system. The renewal protocol is open to all products certified to the referenced standards of the program and all material types.

The updated procedural guide requirements also conform to the recently announced Texas Department of Insurance requirements allowing actively certified window, door or skylight products to be listed beyond the initial four-year certification cycle and now will allow for a test report to be utilized for a maximum of 10 years from the date of testing as long as the test reports are valid, it is noted.

"The WDMA Hallmark Certification Committee will continue to refine the certification renewal protocol going forward to meet or exceed the requirements for product approval agencies and authorities that are faced with determining compliance to specifications and the building code requirements," says John McFee, WDMA's VP of certification programs.