WDMA Urges Additional Changes to Energy Star

March 27, 2009

While commending the U.S. Department of Energy for improvements in the latest Energy Star criteria, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association is urging the government to consider a number of changes for the final draft set to be released soon.

The revised draft compares favorably with previous recommendations, WDMA notes, but the organization would still like to see a number of revisions in a number of areas, including the transition timeframe for Phase One; product labeling; and shifts in several U-Factor and SHGC values for windows due to the change to four climate zones. WDMA is also asking that sliding doors be required to comply with the same requirements as swing doors.

“WDMA commends DOE for simplifying the program zones and tradeoffs, adjusting the U-Factor and SHGC values, clarifying the door lite criteria, and addressing other industry concerns,” says Jeff Lowinski, vice-president of advocacy and technical services with WDMA. “We are committed to continuing to work cooperatively with DOE and other stakeholders to address the few remaining issues.”

Among these, WDMA is asking that tubular daylighting devices be brought back into the Energy Star program and that DOE relax requirements for IG units manufactured with breather tubes for high altitude applications.  “WDMA is also eager to begin work on the Phase Two part of the program, starting as soon as the development of Phase 1 is completed," Lowinski adds.

WDMA's full list of recommendations can be downloaded from the organization's Web site.