Industry Code Consultant Passes Away

April 10, 2012

Charles Everly, 81, a long-time code consultant involved in the window and door industry, passed away April 8 after a prolonged illness. A one-time code official from Alexandria, Va., he had served as president of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, one of the model code groups that eventually became part of the International Code Council. Working as a consultant for PGT Industries, among other companies, he was an active participant in the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, serving as chair of its codes working group for some time.

Everly is credited as being an influential force in the development and adoption of impact-resistant window and door standards for coastal applications in the Southeast. He also played a key role in developing the windspeed tables used within the International Residential Code to determine design pressure requirements for building components and cladding. Working within AAMA, he helped lead efforts for the first joint window standard developed with the Window & Door Manufacturers Association to gain acceptance within the International Building Code.

In addition to his code and industry involvement, Everly was known as an avid bird watcher.  Involved with the Audobon Society, he would frequently venture out to spot rare species in Florida, as well as traveling as far away to Vietnam and Thailand on bird watching trips.