Plastics Firm Launches Geometrics Line

August 21, 2012

Precise Plastics, an injection-molding firm based in Fairview, Pa., is launching Geometrics Windows, a new picture window line designed to be installed between existing 16-inch on center studs. The window can be installed in one hour, with no additional finishing of interior or exterior walls, with an interior trim piece allowing for installation in 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 inch structural framing, the company explains.

“We have enormously reduced the overall cost of installing a new window, or multiple mulled windows into an existing home," says Brad Klomp, national accounts manager. “There is no cutting or adding of framing of the existing wall, just cut holes in the sheathing between the studs and install Geometrics.”

Founded in 1969, Precise Plastics got its start as a toy manufacturer, eventually moving into electronic connectors and other high tolerance parts, reports Greg Farrell, president.  Since 2001, it has expanded into a variety of business areas, including the construction business.  It has been molding window parts for manufacturers since 2002, but has now decided to venture into business with its own product.

"We have shown the window to large and small manufacturers, as well as distributors," Farrell reports. "All feedback has been very positive."

The company manufactures four different shapes that can be installed as stand-alone picture windows or can be mulled together to create numerous shapes and styles. “Our product can be installed high on the wall on every other stud cavity or across the whole wall," Klomp notes. "It’s a great way for the consumer to bring in natural light and retain privacy.”

“All the interior window frames are injection molded from a specific ASA compound for maximum performance,” reports Farrell. “This ASA gives us long term UV resistance, and is paintable if the customer wants to color match to existing d├ęcor. The exterior frame is produced from a specially blended PP to protect from UV rays.”

“We have added all of the latest technology to make these durable and easy to install,” adds Chuck Kownacki, product designer. “Because of our patent pending water management system that lets water drain between each window, we can give the customer new shapes and styles of mulled windows they have never seen before."

Each window has an interlocking nailing flange that locates each window in the correct position when mulling, the company explains. Interior and exterior trim frames use locating ribs to guide cutting of the trim to get a professional mitered look without using miter saws, it is also noted. Windows are provided with all components used to install them in an existing wall, including flashing tape, caulking and mounting hardware. The products are sold with a standard low-E insulating glass package that is tested and certified by the NRFC with a U-value of .28, it is reported. They are also available with an obscure or tempered insulated glass package.

A video developed by Precise Plastics demonstrating installation of its windows.