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  • The Department of Energy has plans to revise its criteria for Energy Star windows, now that 53 percent of new products in the residential market tout the label, Richard Karney, DOE Energy Star program manager, said during the summer meeting for the National Fenestration Rating Council. The meeting was held July 23-26 in Denver. The new ratings will be more stringent. “We want to have... more »
  • The House of Representatives recently passed H.R. 3221 calling for significant energy efficiency upgrades in state building codes. The bill, which the White House has already threatened to veto, advances to conference committee, where work to craft a compromise with the Senate’s energy bill, passed this spring, is expected to begin in September. Section 304 of the House bill would require... more »
  • Thanks in part to window industry pressure, Minnesota senators have modified language in the proposed safety screen law to include other safety measures such as “hardware, guards, and other devices that comply with the standards.” The House version of the bill, however, still calls only for “safety screens” but there are ongoing efforts to unify the language. The... more »
  • With just a final nod from newly-elected Florida Governor Charlie Crist, the Florida “Panhandle exemption” from the building code will be eliminated, putting the entire state on equal footing. On January 22, the Legislature approved an insurance bill that includes the stricter codes for Northwest Florida, from Franklin County to the Alabama border. The proposed law would have the... more »