Field-based quoting system

WTS Paradigm

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CenterPoint is the core module in WTS Paradigm's field-based quoting system, storing all information about product pricing and available options, and incorporating a multi-level bill of materials. For some manufacturers, 80 percent or more of quotes come from dealers, and the system eliminates the need for any of these to be reentered manually, the supplier states. Quotes and orders feature engineering-accurate drawings. Drawings can create .dxf files, which are exportable to third-party CAD programs. In addition, the user can export layers of a drawing for use with specific equipment like glasscutters. The system supports versioning of product knowledge, modifying and revising on a daily basis if desired, as users receive the latest updates each time they log in. The software also stores specific construction details for each door or window, to assist with warranty repair work and other functions. Other features include dynamic filters, which notify users if they enter data that violates rules as they are preparing the quotes. Available 24/7, quotes and orders can be generated even if the system is down or the user is not logged on to the internet.