Lift and Slide and folding door systems

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Ph: 800/955-8177

Lift and Slide and folding door systems from Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc. allow homeowners to highlight panoramic views or create unique room divides. Lift & slide door panels nest behind each other or recess into a pocket opening to completely disappear. They may be specified as either aluminum on both interior and exterior, or as aluminum exterior with wood interior. Nine standard, factory finishes in a variety of wood species and accommodations for supplier-sourced woods are available. The extruded aluminum can be finished with versatile paint or durable anodize in a broad palette of standard, specialty and customer colors. The manufacturer's folding door panels fold back against each other to create a clear opening. The same spectrum of aluminum finishes is available for the company's two folding door systems, one system hides the door hinge while the other is engineered to maximize thermal performance. Both styles are available with energy-efficient glass options, numerous panel configurations, a broad palette of finishes and interior wood species, and other accessories to coordinate with nearly any decor, the company reports. Three sill design choices are available with all systems, to unobtrusively transition between outdoor and indoor living spaces. Multipoint locking hardware offers additional security, and handle sets may be selected from numerous styles and finishes such as brushed chrome and oil-rubbed brass.