Ultra pocket double-hung

Kolbe & Kolbe


Ph: 800/955-8177

The Ultra pocket double-hung, all-in-one replacement window unit can be installed without having to remove existing trim and framework. After removing the old sash, installers can insert the replacement unit from the interior or exterior. From Kolbe & Kolbe, the window’s 3 1/4-inch pocket jamb depth fits most standard applications. Jambliners are hidden from view by a wood-wrapped closure on the interior and extruded aluminum closure on the exterior. The exterior frame and sash are made of extruded aluminum and coated with 70 percent fluoropolymer finish in a broad palette of colors. Interiors may be requested with pre-finishing and specified in a variety of wood species. Both upper and lower sash can be tilted in for easy cleaning and removal, and come standard with H°K LoE2 -270 insulating glass. Three styles of divided lites are available—performance divided lites, wood removable grilles and grilles-in-the-airspace. Optional sash lift handles complete the traditional design detailing and can be color-matched to the windows’ sash locks.