New Color Finish for MikronWood


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SuperCapSR color technology is now offered on the supplier's MikronWood composite window systems. Low-heat absorbing SuperCapSR is is a molecularly-fused color layer that is an integral part of the profile, creating a more durable color surface. Unlike painted vinyl, the tough co-extruded acrylic color layer is highly scratch-resistant and more durable to protect windows during delivery and installation. Offering window makers an additional way to differentiate their products from competitors, the color options include architectural bronze, hunter green, adobe and brick red. The pre-finished exterior color saves time and cost for builders and provides no-maintenance benefits for homeowners. The proprietary color pigmentation system is proven by more than three years of outdoor weathering testing to be fade-resistant and low-heat absorbing, even with dark bronze and green colors, exceeding AAMA 613 standards for color fade and as well as AAMA standards for dimensional stability in high-heat climates, the supplier reports.