PVC-Alu Window System

P.H. Tech


Ph: 418/833-3231

Designed to provide manufacturers with access to new markets with minimal investment, the PVC-Alu window is a complete PVC window with an aluminum cladding that's managed as a new color, the supplier explains. To be introduced in Las Vegas at GlassBuild America, the new P.H. Tech line offers a range of colors with a top-quality look without requiring an overhaul of the production floor. PVC parts are manufactured without any changes. The only new equipment required is for the aluminum cladding at the end of the line. The easy-to-assemble system ensures competitive delivery times. Aluminum parts have corner keys to ensure a perfect 45° angle. Aluminum parts also offer versatility to reduce inventory and ordering costs, the supplier points out. Sash cladding for casement windows, for example, can be used to clad the frames of hung windows, and the hung window frame extensions can be used to make panoramic windows. The new system enables manufacturers to attract a new clientele of architects and access the institutional and light commercial projects markets.