Manual Edge Deleter

CRL Glass Machinery

Ph: 866/583-1377

The EDT60X84 from CRL Glass Machinery is a low-cost, manually-operated machine designed to remove the soft low-E surface coating from a glass panel’s perimeter–a necessary step before tempering or insulating to ensure direct bonding of sealants to the actual glass. To remove the coating, the operator places a glass panel on top of the 60 inch x 84 inch table, featuring ball casters made with a special 2-inch diameter, non-marking type of soft rubber. Next the glass is positioned against an edge guide, and then slid under the motorized abrasive edge deletion wheel. The glass is then rotated and the next side’s coating is removed. An opening cut into the caster table that allows an operator to get closer to the edge deletion area when processing smaller panels. To minimize airborne particulate from the coatings, a HEPA filtered dust collector unit is included. It is connected to an exhaust hood over the edge deletion area. This dust collection system starts automatically whenever the edge deletion wheel is activated, the supplier explains.