Opus Door



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With a new triple glazing option designed to meet new demands for energy efficiency, the Opus patio door series from Royal Window & Door Profiles incorporates a durable and heavy-duty all-vinyl frame that can be used with two different sash systems. The Opus I features the same sash system as the supplier's Performer patio door with standard features that include a new decorative handle, a single mortise lock, a 10° sloped sill, a 1-inch glazing channel, and a new Super Quiet roller that provides years of flawless gliding action, it reports.  The Opus II adds a different dimension to the program, with an all-vinyl welded sash system that can accommodate a standard 1-inch glass thickness or two true triple glazing options of 1¼-inch and 1⅜-inch for extreme weather conditions, as well as to achieve the R-5 criteria. The line encompasses a number of other upgrade options such as a twin-point locking hardware, the Euro Series handle and a variety of colors and finishes to suit any décor.