Series 2060 Pocket Door Frame

L.E. Johnson

Ph: 800/837-5664

The Series 2060 heavy-duty pocket door frame accommodates doors weighing up to 300 pounds, and features all-steel studs that produce walls that are as rigid and stiff as a wood 2x4, the company states. From L.E. Johnson, the system is designed for installation in walls framed with 2x6 studs. It fits doors ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet wide, and from 6 foot, 8 inches to 9 feet tall. It also accepts doors ranging from 11¼8 inch to 21¼4 inch thick. Self-tapping drywall screws fastening the drywall to the steel studs and self-tapping trim-head screws for attaching the wood jambs are provided. The company reports that the new frame makes it impossible for wheels to become jammed or jump off track.