9808A Mortising Machine

Ruvo Manufacturing


Ph: 800/568-7423 x133

The 9808A Hinge & Strike Jamb Mortising Machine from Ruvo Manufacturing will mortise for two, three, or four hinges and will cut for the strike hole and rectangular faceplate, with only one operator. The hinge jamb is clamped in place, the first hinge is routed and then the jamb is automatically advanced to the next hinge location.  While this is taking place, the operator places the strike jamb against the left or right hand stops, and manually follows a designated template cutting the strike hole and face plate. Templates are easy to replace for various size and shape plates, the company notes. The machine works with split or flat jambs, and with or without applied stops. Designed for exterior door applications, the unit is adjustable for length and width of jambs, location and number of hinges, size of hinges, size of strike hole and face plate.