LVL Wood Plank Doors from GlassCraft

GlassCraft Door Co.

Ph: 800/766-2196

GlassCraft Door Co. introduced a laminated veneer lumber method of wood plank door construction. GlassCraft constructs the doors using hundreds of individual long pieces of wood that have been laminated together for strength and durability, similar to a laminated timber beam bonded with durable moisture-resistant structural adhesives, the company reports. The new LVL construction continues throughout the entire plank door, for long-lasting, strong and heavy-duty doors that are resistant to cracking and warping, according to GlassCraft. The wood plank doors are available in 1 3/4-inch and 2 1/4-inch thicknesses, and as single and double doors with premium options such as straps, clavos and speakeasies.