Optima casement system



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The Optima casement system for vinyl windows from Ashland Hardware Systems features water-tight, o-ring seal technology integrated within the operator. The high performance steel construction incorporates a new advanced composite assembly that thermally insulates the operator to reduce heat and cold transfer, the company says. The multipoint lock offers a new progressive lock-up mechanism that delivers 30 percent more vertical motion for maximum sash pull-in to close the window and allow for easier operation, according to the manufacturer. The operator passes AAMA Commercial Grade 901-96 cycle test and meets AAMA 101 hardware load rating. The interlocking points can withstand up to 450 pounds of pulling force and meets AAMA DP 70, as well as Dade Country impact and cycle testing. This product features a fold-away crank handle and a lock designed to ease keeper location and maximize sash pull-in distance.