Evolve Doorglass Framing System from ODL

ODL Inc.


Ph: 800/253-3900

ODL Inc. introduced the Evolve doorglass framing system, engineered to correct problematic scalloping and corner flaring. While a standard screw frame averages 0.05 inch to 0.10 inch of scalloping, Evolve achieves less than 0.005 inch of scalloping due to improved screw-boss locations and glazing materials, the supplier reports. The frame also minimizes corner flare with screw placement and quantity, while new auto-aligning screw-hole plugs contribute to overall aesthetics. Evolve’s precision-applied foam tape, used on both the frame-to-door and frame-to-glass sides, achieves enhanced sealant performance and guarantees no squeeze-out of wet seals, according to ODL. Available in maintenance-free HP white, universal woodgrain finish material, the frame will not yellow over time and does not require additional finishing. Customers can specify the frame in one of four available sizes and with many of ODL’s doorglass offerings, including insulating glass blinds, clear and low-E glass, and decorative doorglass.