High speed sash corner joinery



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Urban Machinery and Bystronic Solution Centre will introduce a new, high speed method of sash corner joinery. Bystronic’s Friction Corner Welding Technology and Urban’s Friction Corner Welding equipment increase manufacturing efficiency in certain applications, when compared with current hot plate or fusion welding technology. The base technology utilizes corner webs, which are used to bridge and bond the profiles together. The webs are loaded in batches into a magazine, where they are automatically cued by the machine into a clamping device. Profiles are directed into the web to create pressure and while a constant pressure is applied, the web itself is vibrated back and forth at a very high rate of speed. The combination of the pressure and vibration action creates a great deal of heat energy, fusing the components together in a few seconds. The clamping is removed leaving a complete and welded square ready for secondary processing or assembly.

Throughputs and related cost justifications will vary by specific application, but the companies report that manufacturers can expect to realize significant reductions in welding time, work-in-process, number of processes and related capital equipment required, material waste, number of operators, amount of floor space required, and material handling; and in its final embodiment, this process will also integrate glazing and even improve the structural integrity of the welded sash. Additionally, due to the very short and concentrated weld cycle, the weld flash that is created is highly controlled and virtually non-existent, resulting in the elimination of secondary cleaning equipment in most cases. The process also promotes a cleaner factory environment and because it is very simple, results in extremely consistent product quality.

Beta testing is expected to continue through the summer with the first production run of this equipment to be available for sale toward the end of 2008.