Hurricane-Resistant Vinyl Windows from Intus

Intus Windows

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Intus Windows' uPVC window and door lines now meet Wind-Borne Debris Region, Florida High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and Miami-Dade County requirements, according to the manufacturer. The energy efficient, triple-pane windows and doors were subjected to 9,000 wind cycles of high positive and negative air pressure to simulate the force up to 200 mph hurricane winds. The windows were also subjected to a nine-pound 2×4 wood stud fired at 50 feet per second as part of the impact resistance test designed to simulate the impact of flying debris during a high wind event. The assemblies tested includes the following window types: fixed, tilt & turn, awning, and double window (with integral mullion). Intus outswing entry doors, outswing side-hinge doors and French doors were also successfully tested, the manufacturer reports.