ZAC Cap and Door Bottom


Ph: 800/334-2006

The Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill from Endura Products combines a spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom to provide a self-adjusting entry door sill system that overcomes “real world” conditions, according to the supplier.  Either as a result of door unit assembly practices, door installation, settling of the house or throughout the subsequent use of a door, the seal between the sill cap and the door bottom, which limits air and water infiltration of the door unit, can be broken. By self-adjusting–articulating ± ⅛-inch under any conditions–the ZAC cap and door bottom eliminates the need for a builder and/or homeowner to use adjustment screws to fine-tune the seal between the sill and the door bottom using traditional adjustable systems. The new cap and door bottom can also be retrofitted to any installed Z Series sill to address problem installations in the field, the company notes.