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The ColorTru decorative foil bonding system from GED Integrated Solutions replaces painting by automatically transferring solid color and woodgrain foil to vinyl profiles, the supplier states. With unlimited graphic, color and design capabilities, the foils are comprised of multiple layers of ink that do not interfere with the welding process. The machine automatically transfers the foil, using heat and pressure bond it to the vinyl profile. The process ensures no de-lamination, no trimming of excess, and an instant cure that allows parts to be processed immediately, according to the supplier. The process also eliminates the need and use of MEK for cleaning, and as there is no separate adhesive process, there is no mess, it is noted. A controlled series of driven rollers process the profile through the machine. Contoured silicon rollers conform the foil to shaped profiles affording a throughput of up to 30 feet per minute. A modular system, ColorTru processing stations can be added sequentially to make additional profiles. Manufacturers can use a single pass station or multiple foiling stations for processing with quick changeover from profile to profile and color to color in minutes.