Solarban 65 and Sungate 400


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Solarban 65, a double-silver, solar control, low-E glass, is a new value alternative to PPG's Solarban 70XL and Solarban 60 glasses.  Part of an expanded portfolio of residential low-E products, the new glass helps window makers achieve the ARRA .30/.30 requirements for energy-efficient windows, the manufacturer reports.  Also new is Sungate 400, a passive low-E glass developed for window makers and homebuilders seeking to meet Canadian Energy Star requirements. It is said to be ideal for use in northern U.S. climates as well. The insulating performance of both Solarban 65 and Sungate 400 glasses can be further enhanced using Intercept Ultra stainless spacers, which offer industry-leading thermal performance, along with superior gas retention, strength and flexibility, according to the company.