4 New Doorglass Designs



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The new Mediterranean, Avalon, Prairie Bevel and Teton Doorglass lines from ODL provide consumers with a variety of design options—all within a reasonable price range, the supplier notes. The new Prairie Bevel design, shown, has a privacy rating of eight (on a scale of 1 to 10) and honors craftsman elegance with its patina caming, clear bevels and Eaton glass.  New Mediterranean doorlites have a privacy rating of eight and are designed to offer an old world charm with features winsome wrought iron contours, stately arctic glass and refined antique elegance. With a privacy rating of nine, Avalon doorlites are reminiscent of more classic, traditional design, with satin nickel caming, clear criss-crossed bevels and soft gray wave glass. The new Teton glass design has a privacy rating of seven and features satin nickel caming and clear bevels. Similar to the Prairie Bevel design, Teton is inspired by nature’s beautiful lines and sweeping curvature, and is also contemporary and sculptural in fashion.