Advantage EP-940


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An emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) system, Advantage EP-940 is formulated to bond treated lumber and other wood substrates that are difficult to glue. For example, it bonds ponderosa pine, bamboo, various imported woods, wood-plastic composite, laminated veneer lumber and a variety of proprietary treated lumber, according to the supplier. From Franklin International, the new adhesive meets ASTM D-5751-99 wet use for laminate joints in non-structural lumber on some types of wood. In addition, it has no added formaldehyde and qualifies for LEED credits. Other benefits of the material include less foam and higher spreader stability to speed up production and improve bond quality. Offering resistance to water, heat and solvents, the two-component adhesive also offers a longer pot life than other EPI adhesives for less waste of mixture.