Alarmed Lock


Ph: 800/847-1864

Responding to consumer research that indicates homeowners want to know what is happening with their home entry doors, Schlage Lock Co. LLC has introduced an alarmed lock that can detect a range of actions and alert homeowners of activity with their entry doors. Unlike traditional alarms that trigger only when the door is opened, the new lock activates on first impact. For example, the lock will sound an alert if someone is kicking the door or tampering with the lock. It also can alert homeowners if a child is trying to leave the house. Three modes—child alert, lock tamper detection and kick in/break in—activate at various levels of activity, and each sounds a distinct alarm. Said to be simple to install, the alarmed lock is battery operated and requires no wiring. It replaces existing door hardware and installs without drilling holes. The unit is battery powered, and an LED indicator shows which of the three modes is active.