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With two alternately functioning application heads, the flexspacer'twinapplicator from Bystronic Glass allows for non-interrupted production of double and triple insulating glass units using Super Spacer type flexible spacers–even when adding spacer material. Particularly suited toward manufacturing IG with varying spacer widths, including triple-pane units that require two different spacer widths, the machine can apply Super Spacer material widths of 8 to 20 millimetres. While one of the two heads places the material onto the glass plate, the spacer of the other head can by completely be changed over without any machine downtime,  the supplier explains. A data controlled waste optimization option, also available on the company's flexspacer'applicator with a single application head, minimizes material consumption. With eight storage spaces for spacer reels, the new unit also has twice the capacity of the single head machine.  Additionally, the supplier has introduced the cornersealer, a self-controlled machine that closes the joints of the spacer by means of adhesive tapes and then seals the seam with butyl. The cornersealer can be integrated into any insulating glass line and does not affect the cycle time of the flexspacer'twinapplicator.