Smart Window Sensor

Bronze Craft

Ph: 800/488-7747

The Smart Window Sensor monitors solar gain and thermal losses/gains at the window to allow an HVAC system to evenly maintain human thermal comfort across all micro climates.  Developed by Bronze Craft, the device also monitors humidity levels to aid in the prevention of unsafe mold levels. Integrated window hardware and magnetic sensors also provide real-time remote security monitoring and event logging for both opening/closing as well as locking/unlocking of the windows. A special website has been launched to provide more detail on the unit, which is wireless and solar powered to be easy to install and maintenance free, the supplier points out.  By creating a multi sensor network across the windows of a building, owners can save energy and improve the occupant’s comfort levels. Additionally, window relative humidity data combined with window temperature data can be used to monitor window seal integrity over the lifecycle of the window.