Westchester Double Hung Window by Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra Pacific Windows


Ph: 800/824-7744

The Westchester Double Hung achieves the narrowest check rail sightline in the high-end window market along with historically accurate sash proportions, according to Sierra Pacific. The window offers structural and thermal performance ratings including a PG50 performance rating on most standard sizes, and a 0.27 U-value with dual insulated low-E 366 and argon or 0.17 values for triple-insulating glass. Sash weights are 110-plus pounds, and measure 54 by 108 for 1 ¾-inch sash or 72 by 120 for 2 ¼-inch sash. The windows also feature a thermally broken sash construction, integral aluminum nail fins, and a patent-pending traditionally styled combination sash lock, sill end caps and drainage system, as well as a multi-point tilt latch. 2019 IBS Booth #N1426