Glass Conveyors

QComp Technologies

Ph: 920/757-0775

Five new conveyors, including straight, pop up transfer, cantilevered finger, tilt top and skewed roller conveyors, are designed specifically to meet any glass handling application. From QComp Technologies Inc., the line includes integrated controls for precise handling and minimizing gaps between lites to maximize square footage through coating, laminating and tempering machines, according to the supplier.  The straight conveyor provides precise and non-marking transportation of flat glass, while the pop up transfer conveyor allows for 90° transfer from one straight section to another.  The cantilevered finger conveyor allows for bottom side glass placement with integrated robot tool, while the tilt top conveyor allows for easier inspection and manual load or unload of conveyor. Finally, the skewed roller with side-guide conveyor is designed to move glass to one side of the conveyor and justify it for next process