Sealant Injection System

Erdman Automation

Ph: 763/389-9475

The Erdman Sealant Injection System provides precise operation in corner filling and other volumetric applications, with repeatable accuracy of ± 0.10 gram, the supplier reports. With the handheld version, the operator positions the nozzle and triggers the hand gun, when desired amount of sealant is dispensed from gun the sealant will shut off and an indicator light will illuminate letting the operator know that the injection cycle is complete. If the trigger is released before the end of the dispense cycle, an amber indicator will light letting the operator know that the cycle has not been finished, the injection will then be able to resume by triggering the gun, or reset to start over. The operator control will give the operator feedback of the injection, including any errors, and a means of adjusting amount injected. Resume by triggering the gun, or simply press reset to start over. Also available for machine-mounted applications, the injector is available for heated or ambient sealants.