Rev Series

Glaston Bavelloni

Ph: 856/786-1200

Rev Series glass cutting tables provide several advantages in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, as well as considerably reduced costs, according to the supplier. From Glaston Bavelloni, the tables feature a lightweight yet sturdy bridge, moved by an electrical axis gantry that can achieve speeds of up to 130 m/min. Highly automated Rev SLH cutting lines offer  benefits in terms of output and space savings. Glass sheets can be loaded, squared (through a laser device) and moved from the cutting to the breaking table in a fully automatic way, so that the operator simply has to execute breaking and downloading operations manually without interrupting the cutting cycle, the company explains.  The tables are now available with an optional automatic device for the shaped and straight edge deletion of low-E coatings using a cup wheel grinding system. The redressing cycle of the wheel is carried out directly on the glass edge automatically and requires no intervention by the operator. The device is equipped with a suction/filtering unit of the powder produced during the grinding or dressing operations.