SV 840

Urban Machinery

Ph: 519/624-0080

With several new and innovative features, the SV 840 corner cleaner offers very flexible processing possibilities at extremely short cycle times, the manufacturer states. Three-dimensional processing allows cleaning outside the 45° miter, including trapeze processing and machining of a covered sash rebate belt. The machine’s modern set up allows additional tools to be inserted easily. Due to the new arrangement of the tool aggregates, blocking of both processing heads is no longer necessary, enabling even the smallest elements to get processed in one step, eliminating the need to turn the frame and shortening cycle times. The inside stop provides high flexibility at the processing of overlap, transom, and cross and frame combinations. Standard equipment of the tool aggregates includes seven or 13 electronically positionable AC-servo axes, four cutting or grooving knives and two disc cutters, with numerous options available to meet unique requirements.