ClimaGuard IS-15 & IS-20


Ph: 248/340-1800

The first in a new family of fourth surface coated low-E glasses from Guardian Industries, ClimaGuard IS-15 and IS-20 are designed to help meet new residential codes and Energy Star standards while giving window makers easy fabrication options. ClimaGuard IS-20 enables residential window makers to meet current code requirements for U-values without the use of argon gas or a third pane of glass while providing a smooth and clear (no hazy appearance) and easy-to-care-for (common household cleaners are fine) package that homeowners demand, the manufacturer states. ClimaGuard IS-15 will help many windows hit R-5 ratings without the need for a third pane of glass. The new glasses were developed to be available in annealed stock sheets, which reduces the cost to manufacturers by about a third, the company points out.