Exofol MLA



Ph: 616/554-2007

Offered in a variety of embossed surface finishes that add a rich look and provide excellent scratch resistance, Exofol MLA film can be laminated to wood building products for either interior or exterior applications, including door jambs, windows components and jamb extensions. From American Renolit  Corp., the fillm helps provide excellent durability that benefits a product through its full life–from processing and transportation to installation, the supplier states. The heft of the film also masks joints and other imperfections in a substrate, allowing manufacturers to reduce cost by using MDF or finger-jointed wood instead of solid wood. Available in a number of shades of white, including custom matches, the film can be painted on new products or later on, providing a benefit to the homeowner who may want to change the color of their door, and the door jamb to match. Extensive outdoor and accelerated testing demonstrates that MLA is a better alternative than primed and painted wood parts as there is never a need to maintain or repaint, and the film helps extend substrate life by sealing the product and preventing moisture penetration, the company reports.  After the film is applied, parts can be machined the same way as raw wood for hardware or other processing.