Comfort Select with U4 Technology from AGC

AGC Glass Co. North America

Ph: 800/251-0441

AGC Glass Company North America has combined its U4 technology with its Comfort Select line of products to exceed the new Energy Star Version 6.0 standards. The U4 technology allows window manufacturers to utilize two low-emissivity coatings in dual-glazed insulating glass units, providing the same level of performance as triple-glazed IGUs, but at significant cost savings, according to the manufacturer. Customers can find a Comfort Select product that specifically fits the requirements of their region. AGC updated its website to include additional performance data and configuration comparisons, with an interactive Energy Star map to make it easier to select the right glass, based on region. The AGC Glass Calculator is available for creating specifications and performance data sheets on custom configurations, including U4 4th Surface Technology configurations, allowing manufacturers to improve overall window performance by as much as 15 to 20 percent, the supplier reports.