Upcut Saws

Pat Mooney


Ph: 800/323-7503

Upcut Saws from Pat Mooney Inc.’s The Saw Company quickly and accurately saw aluminum extrusions with a burr-free mirror finish. The saw is housed under the worktable and travels up through the piece, promoting safe operation, easy chip removal and a longer blade life, the company reports. Strong 5 horsepower to 7.5 horsepower drive systems enable maximum cutting force and chip removal, also extending the life of the saw blade between regrinds. Pneumatic clamping systems with adjustable clamping pressure prevent distortion of thin profiles. Full pneumatic control of the saw blade feed results in accurate cuts and a long blade life, while control of the saw blade travel allows for faster cycle times. The saw is available with a saw blade size of 18-inches by 1-inch bore and a table size of 261¼3 inches by 26 inches, or 20-inches by 1-inch bore and a 355¼8-inch by 355¼8-inch table.