WoodWare System Version 6



Ph: 901/763-3999

New graphical point-and-click modules of the WoodWare System are available in its new Version 6, especially designed for companies that pre-hang doors and handle special order windows, doors, and other millwork products. A configured order entry module allows for point-and-click selection of pictures and options for door units, window units, and other products. A Var-I-Frame configurator allows door pre-hangers to handle their entire interior and exterior door lines with roughly 4 percent the number of records compared to bill of materials or kitting software, the vendor reports. DataView document management solutions provide a paperless workflow environment for millwork companies. Storing and managing electronic documents provides information one click away for your office staff, and indexes all related documents together, whether it’s a scanned-in signed delivery ticket or notes on shop tickets, electronic documents straight out of WoodWare, or even a digital photograph of a delivery at an unmanned job site. WebConnect modules are browser-based web modules that allow customers and outside reps to get quotes, place orders, and do account inquiries on-line, also utilizing the configured order entry approach. Existing RF barcoding modules and a Windows-based warehouse management system are available as well.